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dress for your body type: rectangular shapes

The fourth and final part of this series on dressing for your body type. This entry focuses on the rectangular or athletic shape.

The rectangular shape has the following characteristics:

  • Very little curve
  • Slim / athletic / narrow / small frame
  • Great legs and arms
  • Small chest size
  • Linear appearance (straight up and down)
  • Weight gain evenly deposited over whole body

To dress the rectangular shape, the goal is to create curves and an hourglass shape. The focus is on creating a more obvious waistline. Try to “break up” your silhouette by interrupting clothing lines to create a natural waist. If you are slender, use this to your advantage and show off your lean shape by wearing fitted clothes. Avoid vertical stripes because they will hide your curves. Instead wear busy patterns and florals that add dimension and femininity to your figure. In general, athletic shapes look great in most of today’s fashions and also our collection items. Some famous celebrities with this body type include: Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Duff and Sheryl Crowe.

Tops / Blouses / Shirts

  • Wear halter tops to highlight curves in your figure
  • Wear pleated and gathered shirts (especially at sleeves and waist)
  • Wear tops with necklines that come below the collarbone to elongate your neck and upper body
  • Wear tops that cinch at the waist to define your figure
  • Wear tops with ruffles, lace, neck ties, etc to make your waist look smaller and make you look more feminine
  • Wear long suit jackets to lengthen your upper body
  • Wear shirts with pockets on the bust to emphasize and highlight curves
  • Wear layered tops to add dimension to your body
  • Wear feminine tops with lots of ruffles
  • Wear tops with prints and/or intricate detailing to draw attention to your upper body
  • Wear wrap tops to create the illusion of a waist.
  • Avoid baggy tops (unless wearing with a belt or some other detailing) — it may seem like the easiest solution but it will not create visual interest!
  • Avoid clingy tops as they will highlight your lack of waist
  • Recommended Items
    • Arianna Summer Halter: This sunny yellow halter plays up your slim arms for the summer! Pair with denim shorts to show off slim legs as well.
    • Bethany One Shoulder Top: Rectangular shapes look amazing in this summer’s hot one-shoulder trend. Play up your slim arms with this top and add some dimension with ruffles at the bust.
    • Camille Blouse: This white blouse is ruffled at the chest and adds femininity and curves especially when paired with a fitted skirt.
    • Cathy Plaid Shirt: This chic workwear shirt has a stylish bow at the chest.
    • Erin One Shoulder Blouse: This black one shoulder style top looks amazing paired with a fitted skirt and belt.
    • Kelly One Shoulder Top: Pair this black top with a fitted skirt for a lovely chic look.
    • Laura Blouse: This white tie-neck blouse is great for wearing to work.
    • Mariam Off-Shoulder Blouse: Wear this loose fitting top with a belt at the waist to define and create curves.
    • Shawna Top: This halter top is perfect for playing up your slim arms!
    • Slanted Button Shirt: This sleeveless white wrap-style shirt will create waist definition (especially with a belt) while highlighting slim arms.
    • Veronica Blouse: This ruffled black shirt defines and adds dimension to your bust and is perfect for workwear.
    • Wilma Cropped Top: This red cropped top adds dimension to your upper body and looks great with a pair of gauchos.
    • Annie Vest & Off-Shoulder Blouse: Layer this cropped vest over a fitted off-shoulder blouse to add feminine detail and dimension to your upper body!
    • Boho Vest: This stylish sleeveless black vest is perfect for the rectangular frame.
    • Lindsay Denim Vest: This stylish denim vest adds some curve to your upper body.
    • Madison Jacket: This feminine cropped jacket is a great piece to layer over a halter top.
    • Sonia Jacket: Wear this loose fitting jacket with a fitted tube top and a belt to define your figure.

Skirts / Pants / Bottoms

  • Wear skinny jeans and fitting pants to hug your slim thighs and define a curvy bottom. Pair with boots for a chic look.
  • You would look great in boot cut and wide leg jeans and pants as well
  • Wear jeans with embellishments or flap pockets on the back to add curve to a flat bottom
  • Wear stretchy jeans if you have a good, firm shape
  • Wear low waisted bottoms to create the illusion of curviness
  • Wear drop-waisted a-line skirts
  • Wear skirts with feminine accents at the hem to create curves in your lower body
  • Wear layered skirts with floral prints and lots of details
  • Wear gypsy skirts paired with ruffled blouses or peasant style tops
  • Wear jumpsuits! They suit the athletic frame perfectly and are SO in. :)
  • Avoid cuffing your pants and jeans because they will make your legs look short and stumpy
  • Avoid baggy jeans because they will make you look too boyish
  • Recommended Items
    • Antique Black Skinny Jeans: These pocketed skinny jeans highlight slim legs and define a curvier bottom.
    • Becky Skinnies: Black satin skinny pants hug your slim lower body. Look great with a loose fitting belted top!
    • Donna Playsuit: Check out this belted, playful red jumpsuit for great style.
    • Evelyn Playsuit: This blue pocketed jumpsuit adds dimension to your lower body.
    • Laura Long Playsuit: This black halter jumpsuit shows off slim arms and legs while defining your figure with a waist tie.
    • Danielle Suspender Shorts: These plaid suspender shorts are cute and playful to show off your legs.
    • Plaid Linen Shorts: These patterned shorts with pockets add some curve to your hips.
    • Sophie Balloon Shorts: These balloon style shorts are cute and perfect for the athletic figure.
    • Tamara Pinashorts: This stylish short jumpsuit is perfect for the athletic body shape!
    • Andie Skirt: Feminine, bubble style skirt is ideal for adding curves to your lower body.
    • Andrea Skirt: Floral, wrap skirt showcases slim legs and creates curves in all the right places.
    • Carlotta Skirt: Wear this gypsy style skirt with a simple black top for a wonderful, feminine look.
    • Carol Plaid Skirt: This short miniskirt looks wonderful with tights and a tube top!
    • Dora Skirt: Wear this flared, layered skirt with a fitted top for a chic look.
    • Mosaic Skirt: Stylish, layered miniskirt is a wardrobe staple.
    • Polka Dot Suspender Skirt: Red suspender style skirt is wonderful for showcasing slim legs.
    • Satin Bubble Skirt: Bubble-style skirt adds dimension to your lower body.


  • Wear patterned dresses to create curves in the right places
  • Wear feminine chiffon dresses to soften your shape
  • Wear dresses that draw attention to and define your bust — especially those with beaded necklines or bodices
  • Wear empire cut dresses to define your bust and make your chest seem fuller
  • Wear ball gowns with a full skirt and fitted bodice to create curves and draw attention to your waist
  • Wear dresses with ruched/embellished waistlines (with ornaments, belts, wraps, darts, ribbons, etc)
  • Wear dresses with full sleeves
  • Wear very feminine dresses, especially with ruffles and frills to increase body shape volume
  • Avoid sheath dresses
  • Avoid clingy dresses
  • Recommended Items
    • Alice Trapeze Dress: Loose-fitting printed dress looks wonderful with a belt at the waist.
    • Allison Dress: Stylish little black dress adds curves with slim fit and feminine layered ruffles at hips.
    • Anastasia Dress: Wear this feminine, ruffled dress with a wide belt at the waist.
    • Angie Dress: Feminine, printed dress showcases slim arms and defines your waist with a belt.
    • Black Banded Bottom Dress: Black, loose-fitting dress looks wonderful on a slender figure.
    • Charlotte Dress: Sleeveless, printed dress has great bust detailing to define upper body.
    • Cynthia Dress: Fitted dress has bow at bust to add dimension to upper body.
    • Ellen Dress: Stylish sleeveless dress breaks up lower and upper body to create a defined waist.
    • Eugenia Plaid Dress: Wide belt at the waist will create curves in your figure.
    • Heather Dress: Grey dress is banded at waist to define your waist.
    • Ingrid Dress: Loose-fitting printed satin dress showcases slim arms and looks perfect paired with a belt.
    • Isabella Dress: This feminine little black dress has stylish ruffles to fill out your silhouette.
    • Kathleen Dress: Pleated, flutter-sleeved chic dress is perfect for the rectangular figure.
    • Katya Dress: Tie-neck little black dress is color and pattern blocked for creating gentle curves.
    • Lucy Dress: Ruffled and layered dress is great for creating some subtle curves.
    • Maggie Dress: Layered, feminine dress suits the rectangular figure well.
    • Marilyn Dress: Tiered, floral dress creates subtle curves and showcases your slim legs and arms.
    • Marjorie Dress: Wrap-style, sleeveless dress with feminine lace details.
    • Plaid Cord Dress: Pattern and color-blocked dress showcases curves in a chic style.
    • Samantha Denim Mini Dress: Denim mini dress is great for layering over a simple top.
    • Scarlett Dress: Pink and black floral dress is stylishly pleated with feminine details.
    • Serena Pinafore Dress: Grey pinafore-style dress layers stylishly over simple tops.
    • Trinity Dress: Cheongsam-style dress showcases a slim figure in red satin.
    • Wilma Dress: Color-blocked mini dress is perfect for slim women.

Shoes / Accessories

  • Wear shoes with delicate heels to highlight your slim ankles
  • Accessorize with lace, beads and other details to look stylish and feminine
  • Wear wide waist defining belts over shirts, cardigans, coats, dresses, etc to define your waist
  • Wear necklaces and scarves to draw attention away from your small bust

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dress for your body type: hourglass shapes

The hourglass shape is the one that we aim to recreate for the other body types. So consider yourself blessed if you have an hourglass figure — embrace your curves and flaunt them!

The characteristics of this type include:

  • A shapely balanced figure
  • Hips and shoulders are of similar width
  • Well defined waist
  • Big bust, small waist, big hips and generous thighs
  • Weight gain is distributed over body

There are plenty of options to dress the hourglass figure. The main aim is to emphasize your curves and especially your waist. Don’t hide any part of your body but aim to show it off. Throughout history this has been the most admired body type, but these days hourglass women can be self conscious of their curves. But there is no need to hide those curves — instead, you should show them off, ladies! This is the ideal of feminine beauty so women should be proud to have this shape. Some famous hourglasses include Nigella Lawson, Salma Hayek, Charlotte Church, Jessica Simpson and of course, Marilyn Monroe.

General Tips

  • Wear fitted clothes to showcase your curves
  • Wear soft, clingy fabrics to highlight your figure
  • Wear low to medium necklines
  • Wear clothes that define the hourglass silhouette
  • Avoid stiff fabrics and baggy styles
  • Avoid high necklines (unless you have a relatively small bust)
  • Avoid very tapered pants
  • Avoid clothes with frills, flounces and bows because decorations add volume and hourglass figures don’t need this

Tops / Blouses / Shirts

  • Wear fitted single and double-breasted jackets
  • Wear deep v-necks, tuxedo and shawl collar necklines
  • Wear v-neck or scooped necklines with mid length necklaces
  • Wear wrap blouses to emphasize your naturally small waist
  • Wear 3/4 sleeves and puff sleeves to add proportion to the bust and torso, as well as flattering big arms
  • Wear color-blocked outfits to highlight your curves, such as wearing a dark bottom with a lighter top and a belt that matches the bottom
  • Wear tops that are cropped or end at the waist
  • Avoid batwing sleeves
  • Avoid loose fitting tops as they will hide your outstanding curves
  • Recommended Items
    • Simone Lurex Blouse: This soft fitting white shirt fits well over your curves.
    • Erin One Shoulder Blouse: Wear this black one shoulder blouse with a fitted pencil skirt to showcase your curves.
    • Juliet Top: This wrap style blouse in black and bronze is ideal for a night out with friends.
    • Veronica Blouse: A stylish ruffled black blouse in satin that is perfect for workwear.
    • Shannon Satin Top: A loose-fitting geometric printed kimono style top with loads of lovely visual interest in the patterns! Cinch this top in with the matching belt for a stylish look.
    • Kendra Blouse: Patterned satin and chiffon top looks great with a pair of wide leg jeans for a casual day out.
    • Chloe Jacket: A dark-colored slimming, vertically striped short-sleeved jacket that is perfect for workwear!
    • Leigh Tailored Jacket: This bright red jacket fits well and looks great layered over a simple top.
    • Corduroy Vest, Viola Vest & Shawl Collar Vest: Layer these vests over simple white shirts for a stylish workwear look.

Skirts / Pants / Bottoms

  • Wear trousers in drapey fabrics
  • Wear wide leg or boot cut, loose fitting trousers paired with pretty tops that just reach the crotch. Flared pants will hide big calves.
  • Wear low waisted pants to make the bottom area seem smaller
  • Wear low-waisted a-line skirts that are knee length or longer to hide large legs and calves
  • Wear pencil skirts
  • Wear flat front, side zip, pocketless pants to minimize full hips and bottom
  • Wear jeans and skirts rather than pants whenever possible
  • Avoid skirts with open pleats
  • Recommended Items
    • Helen Navy Skirt: High-waisted, fitted skirt will flaunt your curves when worn with a fitted shirt and high heels!
    • Jill Skirt: A lovely slightly flared workwear skirt in black and white polka dots.
    • Kylie Skirt: A pencil skirt for work that looks great paired with a fitted shirt.
    • Rita Wide Leg Trousers: Basic black wide leg trousers create a slimming effect. Pair with heels for an ideal look!
    • Wide Leg Cargo Pants: Wide leg pants in a dark color for a wonderful silhouette.
    • Diva Wide Leg Jeans: Wide leg low-waist jeans are well fitted and perfect for the hourglass shape.


  • Wear fitted dresses; these are ideal to showcase your hourglass shape since they fit well around the bust, cinch the waist and emphasize your hips
  • Wear strapless dresses
  • Wear dresses with defined waistlines
  • Wear pretty dresses with peep toe shoes to give you a cute and feminine look
  • Wear wrap dresses to highlight your small waist
  • Wear belted shirtdresses
  • Wear pretty fitted jackets on top of dresses to highlight your waist
  • Wear bias cut dresses that will crease in at your natural waist
  • Wear simple body hugging dresses to highlight the beauty of your body
  • Wear short sheath dresses in body hugging fabrics to show off your proportionate figure and emphasize all the right body parts
  • Recommended Items
    • Penelope Dress: This dark blue dress with defined waist is lovely to flaunt your curves, especially when paired with boots.
    • Stacey Dress: Printed low cut dress with cinched waist to define your curves.
    • Madeline Dress: This fitted dark blue dress looks lovely with a slim belt at the waist. Perfect to wear to work.
    • Satin Coat Dress: A cinched, belted waist lends sophistication to this style. Looks great with knee high boots or tights.
    • Vanna Twill Dress: This belted sundress looks great for a casual day out.
    • Angie Dress: Wear this belted summer dress with style and flair!
    • Katya Dress: This little black dress is perfect for a night out.
    • Smocked Off-Shoulder Dress: This simple printed dress will highlight your curves in the soft, clingy fabric.
    • Divinity Dress: This belted cheongsam-style dress looks fabulous for a night out!
    • Debbie Dress: Pair this simple houndstooth dress with tights and ballet flats for an ultra-feminine look!

Shoes / Accessories

  • Wear belts or scarves at the waistline
  • Wear wide belts to cinch in your waist (with loose fitting tops and dresses) if you want to highlight and play up your hourglass figure to the max. Otherwise avoid big belts.
  • Wear shoes with heels
  • Wear rounded or peep toe shoes
  • Wear heeled boots to hide large ankles and calves; they look great with skirts and pants
  • Avoid flat lace up shoes

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dress for your body type: apple shapes

The second part of dressing for your body type focuses on the apple-shaped figure. How do you know if you are an apple? These are the characteristics:

  • Wide torso (full bust / waist / upper back / broad shoulders)
  • Tendency to gain weight around mid section (stomach / abdomen)
  • Top-heavy appearance (bust and midriff are bigger then hips)
  • Relatively slim legs / arms / hips

In some ways, the apple-shape can be said to be the opposite of the pear-shape. Btw, don’t you just love how the body types are named as fruits? So cute and appropriate as well! Some famous celebs who are apple shapes include Elizabeth Hurley, Catherine Zeta Jones, Angelina Jolie and Tyra Banks.

The apple-shape is said to be one of the most difficult to dress because most clothes are designed with defined waists (not usually a good choice for an apple!) But a little bit of effort is all that is needed to get you looking slim and sleek; I mean don’t all the above celebrities always look amazing?

The main aim once again is to play up your advantages and play down your disadvantages. To that end the goal every time you make a dressing choice should be to create a proportionate silhouette by slimming down your upper half (chest and waist) into proportion with your lower half. Generally, one colored outfits are ideal for apple-shapes to create an illusion of length to draw focus away from your width. You can also aim to play up your ample bust-line while camouflaging your waistline. Not being an apple myself, this has been a rather interesting article to write because most of the advice here is exactly the opposite of what I would choose for myself! But of course it is perfect for some of you. :)

Tops / Blouses / Shirts

  • Wear v-necks and empire-waisted tops to draw attention to your cleavage and play down your wide waist. A low cut neckline will emphasize your bust (if that’s what you want!) and draw attention upwards to your face
  • Wear tunic-style tops that reach the top of the hips. Worn with tapered pants they will highlight your slim legs
  • In general, your tops should reach below the waist line to create a slim waist
  • Wear single-breasted coats and jackets. Avoid double-breasted styles as they will make you look bigger
  • Wear baggy sweaters or cardigans as they can make it seem like you are disguising a slim waist; but be sure to use a belt or a style with darts to make it more “fitted”
  • Wear dark solid colors on your upper body to make you look leaner
  • Wear vests over sleeveless tanks to call attention to arms and camouflage your stomach
  • Wear a belt over the hips of a loose fitting shirt to create a nice smooth silhouette
  • Avoid pocketed tops as they can be unflattering and attract too much attention to your upper body
  • Avoid baggy tops and tops with puffy sleeves (they will add weight to your upper half)
  • Recommended Items
    • Cindy Top: This vertically striped shirt will create a stylish clean silhouette when worn.
    • Cuffed Shirt: A stylish workwear shirt in sunny yellow that is well fitted for a nice silhouette and cap sleeved to showcase slim arms.
    • Elle Gauzy Top: This empire cut top will draw attention to your bust and play down your waistline.
    • Erin One Shoulder Blouse: Play up your shoulders and slim arms in this one-shouldered style.
    • Leslie Top: A lovely floral printed chiffon top that skims over problem areas.
    • Mariam Off-Shoulder Top: This black, slightly loose-fitting top looks great with a belt at the hips.
    • Morgan Long Tunic: Smocking at the hips plays down your upper body. Stylish tunic style top looks great with leggings or skinnies!
    • Ophelia Blouse: This lovely green top with smocking at the hips looks lovely with skinnies.
    • Sheila Long Shirt: Wear this long shirt over a pair of skinnies. Pockets at the hips help to balance out your body silhouette! Pair with a belt for an ideal look.
    • Leigh Tailored Jacket: This bright red jacket will cinch in your waist and add volume to your hips.
    • Corduroy Vest & Viola Vest: Pair either of these vests with a tank to call attention to your arms and camouflage your stomach.

Skirts / Pants / Bottoms

  • Wear skirts that hit just above the knees. Mid length skirts will flatter your slim legs.
  • Wear wide legged capris to flatter your slim ankles
  • Wear hip hugging jeans to emphasize your curves (especially your slim legs and hips)
  • Wear straight cut or slightly flared trousers and skirts
  • Wear patterned pencil skirts to add volume and width to your lower half
  • Wear light colored (especially nude) tights to focus attention on your legs
  • Avoid very fitted garments with well defined waistbands (they will draw attention to your mid section)
  • Avoid skinny leg pants unless wearing a long tunic over them
  • Avoid tight clothes and slim mini skirts because they’ll exaggerate the difference between your broad top and slim lower body
  • Avoid long skirts because they will draw negative attention to your midriff area
  • Recommended Items


  • Wear empire cut dresses. Cinching at the thinnest part of your waist will highlight your bust and play down your waistline.
  • Wear strapless and scoop necklines as they will play up your assets
  • Wear v-necks and plunging necklines if you have a full bust - they will make your body seem less rounded
  • Avoid halter, off-shoulder and boat neck styles as they will accentuate wide shoulders
  • Avoid puffy sleeves
  • A lot of the same rules apply here as above for tops and shirts
  • Recommended Items
    • Gabriella Dress & Katrina Dress: Wear these empire cut dresses for a night out! They will highlight your bust and legs while playing down your waistline.
    • Viviana Dress & Angela Dress: These stylish satin mini dresses are empire cut and ideal for a night out!
    • Serenity Dress: This wrap-style satin dress looks stylish and chic on all body types.
    • Claire Dress: Navy floral mini dress looks stylish and chic for workwear or a night out.
    • Odessa Dress: This low-waisted little white dress looks great with a pair of tights.

Shoes / Accessories

  • Shoes should continue the long lines of your legs
  • Strappy sandals with sexy heels will look hot with dresses
  • Wear kitten heels if you have small calves
  • Chunky shoes, like wedges, can help to balance your top and bottom halves
  • Wear straight cut slightly loose fitting tops with a belt at your hips

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dress for your body type: pear shapes

This is the first entry in an ongoing series! Learn all about dressing for your body type.

First up, we have the most common women’s body type — the pear shape. Not sure if this is your body type? Check out the below characteristics:

  • Small upper body (narrow shoulders / small bust / slender neck)
  • Large lower body (shapely waist / full or wide hips and thighs)

Did you know that celebrities with this body type include Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet?

The trick to dressing for the pear body shape (as with others, of course) is to play up advantageous features while playing down disadvantageous characteristics. To that end, pear shapes should work to emphasize their slim necks, shapely shoulders and defined waists. Create a sense of balance and comfortable style by making peace with your heavier bottom half! Long unbroken lines help to balance the top and bottom parts of your body. I’m also a pear-shape which is why I headed to write this entry first. A lot of my dressing choices are purely instinctive but they work well for me, so here I am sharing it with all of you. :)

Tops / Blouses / Shirts

  • Choose tops that draw attention to your shoulders, especially with wide necklines (boat-neck or scoop-neck) to widen your shoulders and create a sense of balance with your bottom half.
  • Define your waist with belted or cinched styles to show off your shapely waist. Wear tops that draw attention to your face
  • Wear shirts that draw attention to your face, especially with buttons or ties at your neck to draw eyes upwards
  • Avoid too-tight shirts
  • Avoid too-baggy shirts, especially if you are plus sized; this will just make you look bigger all over
  • Layer garments to create visual balance between your top and bottom half.
  • Top off shirts with a blazer to balance out shoulders in proportion to hips. Best length for a blazer is one that hits at waist level or above.
  • Recommended Items
    • Blair Cotton Shirt: Ideal for workwear. Defines your waist well with a matching belt at waist.
    • Mariah Blouse: Fitted black shirt is great to wear to work. Create waist definition and contrast with a slim white belt.
    • Julie Cotton Shirt: A stylish workwear shirt in a great purple color. Has drawstring at waist to create definition.
    • Tabitha Blouse: A basic white shirt with a twist — a stylish belt at waist!
    • Shannon Satin Top: A loose-fitting geometric printed kimono style top with loads of lovely visual interest in the patterns! Cinch this top in with the matching belt for a stylish look.
    • Catherine Top: A fitted red top that draws visual interest to the neck and face.
    • Chloe Jacket: A dark-colored slimming, vertically striped short-sleeved jacket that is perfect for workwear!
    • Jordana Jacket: A stylish green velvet jacket that looks wonderful for a night out.

Skirts / Pants / Bottoms

  • A good skirt will de-emphasize your bottom half and elongate your legs.
  • A-line skirts skim over problem areas and create a nice smooth line to your hip and thighs
  • Low-rise pants and skirts (with waistlines that hit below the natural waistline) will make you look smaller and elongate your torso.
  • Avoid tight skirts and pants
  • Plain bottoms will help to emphasize your top half better and draw attention away from your bottom half
  • Wide-leg/flared/boot-cut pants and jeans are best. As a “rule”, the curvier you are, the longer and wider you should wear your pants with higher heels to balance.
  • Dark colors create a slimming effect
  • Recommended Items
    • Little Miss Sunshine: Heidi Shirt & Amelia Skirt make a perfect outfit — a slightly flared a-line skirt and fitted yellow shirt.
    • Carlotta Skirt: A dark-colored long skirt that creates a great silhouette.
    • Jill Skirt: A lovely slightly flared workwear skirt in black and white polka dots.
    • Rita Wide Leg Trousers: Basic black wide leg trousers create a slimming effect. Pair with heels for an ideal look!
    • Wide Leg Cargo Pants: Wide leg pants in a dark color for a wonderful silhouette.
    • Diva Wide Leg Jeans: Wide leg jeans are well fitted and perfect for the pear shape!


  • Heeled shoes help to lengthen/slim legs
  • Heavier heels (not stilettos) will help to balance out calves
  • Avoid shoes with ankle straps/t-straps — they will make your legs look bigger
  • Wear pointy toe shoes with wide leg pants to create an effect of longer, slimmer legs
  • Knee high boots worn with skirts can lengthen legs also


  • A-line cuts are best to emphasize the upper body and accentuate your decolletage while slimming down hips
  • Dresses with top details help to draw attention to your upper body and away from your hips
  • Avoid sheath dresses at all costs!
  • Recommended Items
    • Penelope Dress: This dark blue dress with defined waist is lovely for pear shapes with knee high boots.
    • Stacey Dress: Printed low cut dress with cinched waist calls attention to your upper body.
    • Madeline Dress: This fitted dark blue dress looks lovely with a slim belt at the waist. Perfect to wear to work.
    • Serenity Dress: This Chinese-style wrap dress draws a wonderful silhouette.
    • Satin Coat Dress: A cinched, belted waist lends sophistication to this style. Looks great with knee high boots or tights.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

  • Accentuate the upper part of your body with funky accessories like necklaces, spectacles, earrings, clips etc. They help to balance out your look and draw attention where you want it to be drawn!
  • Slim belts are a wardrobe must-have to cinch in loose fitting tops and define your waist.

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sue on July 16th 2009 in how to dress, sophistix

some link love~

Hello! Apologies for the lack of updates. Things have been busy busy busy. :) And this is going to be a link based update — my ultimate lazy backup entry style.

First up So[phis]tiX has been reviewed at Street Inspiration — a lovely German based blog. I’m loving the photos of our items on the site! Looking really great.

Secondly, is it okay to steal from hotels? This article takes a closer look at some of the items that people have stolen and what’s okay to take and what isn’t. An interesting read.

Third, believe it or not — Jimmy Choos are to be sold at H&M! It looks like they would be priced around $50 or under — which is around a tenth of what they currently retail at. Wow. Now everyone can own a pair of Jimmy Choos, but will this just totally ruin the exclusivity of a high-end brand?

Fourth, a look at how the psychology of food has influenced us to eat. In The End of Overeating, Dr David Kessler examines how food-makers have been able to convince us to eat. It is a delicate balance of flavors and feelings that has been perfected over many years to create a self-fulfilling feedback loop. Seems like a fascinating book — I might just read it!

Fifth, an Alice in Wonderland movie by Tim Burton! Oooh looks really nice. Johnny Depp will be the Mad Hatter and he is just plain awesome. Can’t wait to watch this one — scheduled to release on March 5 2010.

Sixth, 500 absolutely useless facts. Did you know that 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321? No? Well, neither did I! But now I do, along with another whole host of useless info, not that I actually managed to read the whole list!

Seventh, the s’moreo! It’s a s’more reinvented with an oreo exterior. Absolutely unbelievable. Needs to be tried out ASAP.

That’s all for now! :)