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Spring Break 2012 : Shop the Latest Trends!

color trends 2011: red, pink, purple, honeysuckle

Every year PANTONE announces a color-of-the-year which influences trends across a range of industries from interior design to fashion design. This year’s color is honeysuckle  — a gorgeous pinkish-red. PANTONE describes the color as “Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing ‘everyday’ about it.”

It is an uplifting color to invigorate our spirits when we need a boost the most and I absolutely adore it! It’s a gorgeous shade, something in between pink & red with so much potential in its coloring. Plus, this shade looks gorgeous on almost all skin-types. Just in time for the Lunar New Year & Valentine’s Day, here’s presenting some wonderful shades from pink to red to purple and all in between!


Red is a bold, strong color, a color of contrasts. It’s the color of love, passion, jealousy, violence and evokes strong conflicting emotions in us. Red is also POWER and can indeed have a physical effect on us by increasing our rate of respiration and blood pressure. In China, Red is the color of happiness and prosperity and draws good luck to the person wearing it. Indeed, in many countries, Red is the color worn by brides on their wedding day! This powerful color is above all, the wonderful visual of love. Check out this gorgeous selection of photos on Life in the Color Red.


Pink is a soft-hued color, a mixture of the bold Red + White. Pink is a color of happiness, and is often viewed as light-hearted and softly romantic. Bright, vibrant pinks are fun and youthful and have a similar sense of passion to Red, but with less of the aggressive overtones. Pink can stimulate energy and encourage confidence. There are a variety of shades of pink from vibrant fuchsia to lighter baby pink. This is a feel-good color, so wear with price and exude happiness all around!


Purple is born of the mixing of a warm color (red) and a cool color (blue). This places it at a crossroads of color and indeed this color exudes mysteriousness. Purple is associated with royalty, nobility and spirituality. Purple can boost imagination and creativity. Deep, bright purples suggest royalty and nobility, while lighter purples are more romantic and sensitive.

trend alert! hairbands for s/s 2011

So, there’s a hot new trend you might have heard of — hair accessories! What better then a wonderfully unusual hairband to perfectly coif your look?

Use this trend to carry over your look from glam to glam-chic! But it’s of utmost importance to choose the right look for your face, and to suit the occasion you are attending. Learn to mix & match colors and fabrics to your advantage to carry this look over the edge.

Every girl needs a basic repertoire of hairbands — black, brown, white, gold and silver. You can never go wrong with these basic ones as one will always match with your outfits. So on the days when you just can’t figure out what to do with your hair, just top with a hairband!

When choosing your hairband, your face shape matters. If you have a big face, wearing a single slim hairband will emphasize that and make it look even bigger. If you have a thin face, wearing a wide hairband will make it look even thinner. Wearing multiple slim hairbands can solve the matter for bigger faces, but for those with thin faces, avoid avoid avoid super wide hairbands (unless you have tried them on in advance). Round faces look best with wide hairbands. Not sure of your face shape? Visit here to check.

However, do experiment and try out different styles of hairbands to find out which will suit you best! I’ve got a wide face, but sometimes wear thin hairbands by parting my hair differently and pairing with a v-neck top (slims/elongates the face). And it looks great! Experiment as always with different styles to find your own look :)

For the casual look, pair a wide headband or hairband with tousled and curly hair and a loose, flowing sun-dress. Rock some vibrant eye make up to match your headband and top with a pair of sunglasses.

For a more sophisticated wear-to-work look, try pairing one of our Pearl headbands (see pictures below) with a high or low bun or sleek, straight hair. Pair with a straight pencil skirt & chiffon blouse to be perfectly put together for your big presentation!

For the more daring, check out these denim hairbands with big wide bows. I love the retro vibe in these large hairbands! They look great paired with the simplest outfits and are definitely a conversation starter & talking point.

Some other tips:

  • For maximum impact, choose a hairband that matches your belt and shoes.
  • If you’re daring, wear brightly colored hairbands as your face will stand out even more and it will carry your look over the edge!
  • Most importantly, be comfortable with the hairband you have chosen to wear!
  • Create different looks with the same hairband by tying your hair differently — go sleek by tying a ponytail, or go more casually romantic and leave your hair down.
  • Tone down the rest of your outfit (especially your earrings!) if you are wearing an eye-catching hairband

Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my!

Get ready to run wild and let out your inner natural beauty. ;) The animal print trend is hot this season after we saw it on the runway for Spring/Summer 2010 shows. In fact, I even blogged about two of my favorite shows that showcased this trend. One was of course, Alexander McQueen’s back to basics show — absolutely amazing with the 10″ heels and naturalistic styles. His Plato’s Atlantis show was all about evolution and and environmental issues. Pure genius; the fashion world lost a great icon with his death.

We also saw ethnic and animal printed styles in Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2010 Oasis collection. I’ve simply adored DvF’s flowy dresses with their clean lines and lovely prints ever since I first became introduced to her style through Lorelei Gilmore (Lauren Graham) on Gilmore Girls (I was a huge fan!). (An aside: check out some of Lorelei’s styles here). Absolutely gorgeous right!

Without further ado, I present to you our gorgeous animal and ethnic printed collection for this season. A great match to your wardrobe for sure!

Read more about this trend here, here, here and here.

Btw, if you are always looking to stay on top of the latest trends, do check out this mobile app from TrendStop (free for download)! Have not yet tried out the app but it looks really good and will definitely be doing so soon :)

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your wardrobe staple: tights & leggings

Wow! It has been ages since my last blog entry. Things have been super busy these past few months. Time has literally flown — can you believe it’s already mid March? The year is almost a quarter over and I’m not sure if I’ve even accomplished anything as yet! (Though, heads up: look up for a lovely face-lift on the site, coming soon within the next month ;) )

Remember back in October when I blogged about tights, leggings, jeggings and pleggings for FW 09/10? Today’s entry revisits this wardrobe staple as it has grown and developed in the past few months. Honestly even I’m shocked (pleasantly of course) at the sheer variety of leggings available out there; indeed, the selection is still growing daily. It’s as if the point of saturation still hasn’t been found (good news for us leggings fanatics!) Ironically enough, with the wide selection available to us, I only just got around to buying my very first pair of basic black leggings about two weeks ago. ;)

This separate is sexy, fun, exciting and unusual.  Plus (and best of all) it gives a wonderful shape to those of us not naturally blessed with gorgeous legs.

In the past we would have paired brightly colored fanciful tops with basic block color leggings: the top was generally the highlight of the outfit. But today, with the wide variety of leggings available, the legging becomes the highlight. So learn to pair basic items with fancy leggings to create unusual and eye-catching outfits ;) Check out some of these amazing separates I found while surfing etsy and asos (two of my favorite shopping destinations).

These sheer tights have a wonderful snake line running up the back. So sexy with a basic black pencil skirt and pumps. Love them!

This fanciful pair of floral leggings remind me of an English tea party (though I wouldn’t wear them to one of course!) Great paired with a black miniskirt or mini-dress. Adds a fun and playful touch to a basic outfit.

Lace tights! Very sexy and very alluring. Wear them with all black or if you’re really daring, pair them with a bright red mini-dress or miniskirt. If you’re not brave enough to wear these on their own (they can look entirely too sexy on some body types), consider layering them over another pair of brightly colored tights — purple, blue, pink or even yellow can look amazing — to tone down the sexiness a bit.

I hope people are not inspired to come read these leggings! ;) Love the comic book illustration leggings. Very, extremely unusual — definitely pair with black or dark grey otherwise you would risk looking too cartoonish.

Yes you’re reading it correctly; those tights are asking “Wanna Party?” down the back. Great paired with black or sequins for a night out! Very unusual and a definite conversation starter ;)

Sequined leggings; wear them with black heels and a simple colored top. In black it lends an edge of sophistication to your outfit.

Scaly animal print leggings. Look wonderful with the black Mary Janes (as in this photo), and paired with a black mini-dress.

I’m really loving these sexy tattoo tights! A peacock feather tattoo running up your leg over sheer tights. Very sexy!

And my absolute favorite! Twitter: follow me tights. Yes, seriously. So unusual and will start a million conversations (and you’ll know right away which guys are staring at your legs ;) )

So there you have it, a collection of wonderful tights and leggings. There are so many more out there; this is really just a sampler of some of my favorites. What other sites have you seen unusual leggings and tights on?

how to wear it: jumpsuits, playsuits & rompers

When we first saw it, we thought it was a one-season wonder, but it has endured and morphed and taken on a fashion life of its one. What am I speaking of, but the now ubiquitous jumpsuit. This fashion trend was big for S/S 2009 and looks set to endure through S/S 2010. The jumpsuit has become a fashion mainstay and every girl should have at least one in her closet!

While a lot of you might feel the jumpsuit is not appropriate for your figure, there are now tons of varieties to choose from. This piece has had quite the fashion makeover from its origins in the 70s and 80s. All you need to do is figure out your look and you’ll be all set to wow.  Read on to find out how to wear this hot fashion trend.

To begin with, a bit of vocab, there are three basic varieties of these one-piece outfits: the jumpsuit (long), the romper (short) and the playsuit (casual short suits). These terms can and are used interchangeably.

Wearing a jumpsuit can be difficult to master, but with some useful tips you’ll be rocking this look in no time. First, choose a style that suits your figure. Go for the middle ground; avoid jumpsuits that are too baggy or too fitted (unless you are a size 0)! Look for tailored or body skimming styles that can be worn for many occasions. When you choose your first jumpsuit, pretend as if you are wearing a top and long pants and look for a style with a forgiving fabric. You’ll immediately realize what looks right on you.

Some general tips:

  • Night Time Wear: For evening wear, look for fabrics like silk or satin with detailing like sequins or paneling or even leather. See below for some evening-appropriate jumpsuits.
  • Accessorize: If you are wearing a basic block-colored jumpsuit, there are tons of options available for you. Pair with a cropped jacket in a contrasting color or bold jewelry or cinch in your waist with a wide belt. Think of your jumpsuit as a canvas which you will paint with the right accessories to showcase the look you desire.
  • Shorter Height: Full-length, wide-legged jumpsuits look best on long legs. If you are of less than average height, do wear high heels to lengthen your silhouette. V-neck or plunging necklines will also give the illusion of lengthening your body.
  • Replace Your LBD: Consider wearing a long black jumpsuit (LBJ) instead of a little black dress (LBD). (lol…I think I should patent that term — sheer brilliance on my part! ;) ) If need be you could also add a belt to help break up your look.
  • Patterns: Choose solid colored pieces with contrasting patterns if you so prefer. Don’t wear jumpsuits that are patterned head-to-toe.
  • Shoes: If you’re tall and you’re wearing a long jumpsuit, pair with flats to maintain attention on your jumpsuit. Shorter length jumpsuits look good with heels which will help to lengthen your legs.
  • Fabric: Fabrics like silk will hug your curves far more than denim or cotton. Think of your own body before deciding on the best fabric for you.
  • Make Wise Choices: The right jumpsuit for you mostly depends on your body shape. If you have a big bust, avoid bandeau styles and look for V-necked designs. Long jumpsuits look best on curvy bodies, while the romper style suits shorter women best. The jumpsuit style can sometimes be too masculine for slim and boyish figures, so you would need to accessorize well to make up for this.

Wear a black, satin halter jumpsuit for an evening out. This simple black one-piece channels relaxed glamour and is an uber-fashionable alternative to the evening dress. Curvy and pear shaped women can rock the halter jumpsuit to create a hot silhouette. This is an ideal LBJ for a night out! Contrast the heavy black with a bright red clutch for a modern and sophisticated touch.

A tailored jumpsuit is perfect for taking you from work to a night out with friends. Look for jumpsuits in solid colors with contrasting patterns that add sophistication to your look. Pair with matching black heels to elongate your legs in this leggy jumpsuit.

These playful rompers are perfect for summer. Rock this chic look if you have long legs and aren’t afraid of showing them off! Accessorize these block-colored jumpsuits with bright accessories to create a unique and stylish summer look.

Colorful sporty playsuits are a must have for summer. These sleeveless playsuits look great layered over a white shirt. Add some brightly colored retro accessories to channel a modern 70s style fashionista.

Still not convinced? Check out more info about this hot fashion trend here and here.

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geek style: super mario

I love Super Mario. And I love etsy.

Putting the two together and adding a mushroom falling out of a brick produces a wonderfully unique selection of gifts and accessories that appeal in a heartfelt way to my fashionable inner geek-ette. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Super Mario has always had a special place in my heart as my favorite video game as a child. I remember many happy days whiled away playing Mario with my sister (though she always forced me to play as Luigi. Ah…the angst of being the younger one :( ). Nowadays I’m more likely to be playing Mario Kart (yes, I’ll never grow up!) on the Wii, as Baby Peach on the Nanobike! Though I do always try to get in a game of the original Super Mario while traveling (some airlines have it available as part of their inflight entertainment). The mushroom kingdom maintains a special position in my heart ’til today ;) .

So, to continue my story, the other day my sister and I were surfing around on etsy. (I imagine all of you as seasoned online shoppers would already know of etsy already, but for those who don’t (horror!), etsy is a marketplace to buy and sell handmade items). And she came across these amazingly geeky Super Mario and Luigi mismatched earrings. After some inspired and happy surfing time, I found a gold mine of Super Mario accessories and gift items. I’m in love with them!

Check them out (and do visit the shops):

The aforementioned Mario and Luigi mismatched earrings. Only $6 @ honeypopjewellery.

A set of six coasters featuring Mario blocks. Only $15 @ Pixelbrush.

Uniquely customized Mario gamer sneakers — really one of a kind! Only $110 @ ParadoxArtistry.

Super-size your style with this Mario mushroom bracelet. Only $14 @ Livethislife777.

This unique necklace features a mushroom popping out of a brick. Only $25 @ Paxalon.

Would you rock these Mario clips? I so would! Only $7.99 @ PlasticParadox.

This unusual decal features Yoshi eating the Apple on your Macbook! Only $12.99 @ lildecalshoppe.

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself an early Christmas gift, or surprise your geeky friend with your thoughtfulness.

Btw, I also come across some other interesting Mario facts while writing this post. Did you know that the reason Mario wears his iconic hat is because the original creators of the game didn’t want to manage the difficulty of animating hair? Or that Mario was originally given the rather unimaginative name of Jumpman? Check out some of the wiki history here and here, as well as some interesting facts here. Oooh and apparently you can play Super Mario Online here. As for me, I think I’ll just stick to playing Mario Kart for now, and maybe get myself those awesome Mario clips ;) .

trend alert: birds of a feather

I simply love feathers. They bring to mind magical tales of kingdoms lost and won, stories of swan princesses, and dreams of flying and enchantment. Feathers exude grace and style by adding a flight of fancy to your look. This elegant trend is hot for Fall/Winter 2009, so do add some feathery wonder to your outfits! :)

This look was seen on the runway for the season, and more recently on celebrities like Black Lively who wore the above feathered dress to the New York premiere of Where The Wild Things Are. Also don’t miss this sighting on the streets of Paris. Absolutely amazingly stylish.

For those who are not so daring (this includes me!), it is still easy to add this trend into your wardrobe by accessorizing with a feathered headband or other jewelry. This will provide an ephemeral touch to the most basic of outfits. Check out some other great feathered looks here, and celebs wearing feathered headbands here. Read more on the feather trend here.

trend alert: chic hats in miniature

I’m a sucker for miniatures - like mini food, dollhouses, etc. You name it and I’m a fan!  So, naturally, I simply adore the mini-hat trend which is suddenly all the rage. These little hats come atop headbands or hair clips and add some adorable appeal to any outfit. They are easy to wear and though some feel that they “can’t carry it off”, honestly all you need is a little bit of fun in your soul to rock this trend! :)

One of the first places I saw the mini-hat being worn was by Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) on Gossip Girl. She wore it with a touch of sophistication atop short curly hair, with a strapless minidress, tights and black stilettos. Love the look!

These mini-hats or cocktail hats (as they are also known) have been around for years. However,  to date they have only been a sophisticated mainstay of British fashion for formal events such as weddings and horse races. Only in recent times has the mini-hat become more ubiquitous, after adorning the heads of famous folk such as Taylor Momsen above as well as being spotted on the runway.

The recent trend has been towards a more casual metamorphosis of these mini-hats in colored and floral styles decorated with lace and rosettes. So why not add one of these quirky styles into your wardrobe now? They can be worn to any occasion, including a casual day out shopping or a dinner date with friends!

Generally, you would want to wear your mini-hat positioned slightly off the side of your head. They are usually pre-positioned on headbands at this location, or if you have one with a comb or a clip you would simply fasten it on the side of your head. Keep your hair down in a simple style — either straight or curled can work well.

So do you think this is a fashion faux pas? Or a trend that’s here to stay? Personally I just love this cute trend and have already added it into my accessories collection! :D

Btw, do also check out this lovely blog for some really amazing mini food art. I think it’s a real talent to be able to create miniatures like these! I once spent a whole college summer building up a little bakery along these lines. Will post up pics someday! I don’t know if I have the patience to ever do it again, but it was good fun for the holidays. For the time being I guess I’ll just make do with my miniature hat. ;)

in celebration of color - FW09

Just in time for fall, here are some of the hottest color trends for FW09/10. Channel these winter colors in a sunny style through our tropical inspired collection. For this season, the runway looks were mostly of simpler design and made of more affordable fabrics. Most designers had lessened the number of items in their collections as well, all in the name of the recession that we are currently facing. Colors have turned more to the dark side (a random Star Wars reference there ;) ). Generally, winter fashions are styled in darker shades, so that is really no surprise. There are however some surprises in bright reds and spring-inspired shades like green. So find which hue suits you best and wear it in style this season!



A classic set of shades for this fall are black and its close cousin, gray. Black especially is a classic favorite that is generally always found in winter collections. Pair black and gray separates with brighter shades like red, green or orange. These classic basics provide lovely neutral canvases for you to create your own personal fashion style by accessorizing well. These elegant monochrome basics are wonderful to offset bright shades. These will always be wardrobe staples so add them to your collection now!



Elegance and sophistication are to be had when wearing these pretty pastel pieces. Shades of cream, beige, pink and orange add some quiet style to your wardrobe. Pastel shaded dresses are girly and feminine. Add accessories like hats, necklaces, headbands and earrings to maximize the delicate femininity inherent in this collection.


Red is a bold color that is a key shade for FW09. Layer bright red pieces over basic shades like black, gray or white to create contrast and visual interest in your outfits. Use these red separates as accents for your outfits. Choose from a variety of pieces like jumpsuits, jackets and skirts to see which one fits your style best!



Another classic color for winter is blue in its many varied shades from navy to turquoise to sky blue to aquamarine. Each of these shades is unusual in itself so do take the time to see which one suits you best. Blue speaks of elegant nights and snowy winter days - a wonderful color to wear this season. It is soothing and lovely for any occasion. Accessorize with tights and big earrings for a cheery tropical winter style.


Green, in all its many shades, is an unusual color this season. Green is generally a spring color but this season it speaks of the hopes of the future. Wear these lovely lightly colored green dresses with headbands and stylish straw bags to create an unusual summery look this winter!

So whatever your color style, there is something from this season’s collection for you to add to your winter wardrobe. Think about what kind of look you want to project and try to work these separates into your existing wardrobe. And, of course, do drop us a comment if you have any style questions!

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