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Spring Break 2012 : Shop the Latest Trends!

your wardrobe staple: tights & leggings

Wow! It has been ages since my last blog entry. Things have been super busy these past few months. Time has literally flown — can you believe it’s already mid March? The year is almost a quarter over and I’m not sure if I’ve even accomplished anything as yet! (Though, heads up: look up for a lovely face-lift on the site, coming soon within the next month ;) )

Remember back in October when I blogged about tights, leggings, jeggings and pleggings for FW 09/10? Today’s entry revisits this wardrobe staple as it has grown and developed in the past few months. Honestly even I’m shocked (pleasantly of course) at the sheer variety of leggings available out there; indeed, the selection is still growing daily. It’s as if the point of saturation still hasn’t been found (good news for us leggings fanatics!) Ironically enough, with the wide selection available to us, I only just got around to buying my very first pair of basic black leggings about two weeks ago. ;)

This separate is sexy, fun, exciting and unusual.  Plus (and best of all) it gives a wonderful shape to those of us not naturally blessed with gorgeous legs.

In the past we would have paired brightly colored fanciful tops with basic block color leggings: the top was generally the highlight of the outfit. But today, with the wide variety of leggings available, the legging becomes the highlight. So learn to pair basic items with fancy leggings to create unusual and eye-catching outfits ;) Check out some of these amazing separates I found while surfing etsy and asos (two of my favorite shopping destinations).

These sheer tights have a wonderful snake line running up the back. So sexy with a basic black pencil skirt and pumps. Love them!

This fanciful pair of floral leggings remind me of an English tea party (though I wouldn’t wear them to one of course!) Great paired with a black miniskirt or mini-dress. Adds a fun and playful touch to a basic outfit.

Lace tights! Very sexy and very alluring. Wear them with all black or if you’re really daring, pair them with a bright red mini-dress or miniskirt. If you’re not brave enough to wear these on their own (they can look entirely too sexy on some body types), consider layering them over another pair of brightly colored tights — purple, blue, pink or even yellow can look amazing — to tone down the sexiness a bit.

I hope people are not inspired to come read these leggings! ;) Love the comic book illustration leggings. Very, extremely unusual — definitely pair with black or dark grey otherwise you would risk looking too cartoonish.

Yes you’re reading it correctly; those tights are asking “Wanna Party?” down the back. Great paired with black or sequins for a night out! Very unusual and a definite conversation starter ;)

Sequined leggings; wear them with black heels and a simple colored top. In black it lends an edge of sophistication to your outfit.

Scaly animal print leggings. Look wonderful with the black Mary Janes (as in this photo), and paired with a black mini-dress.

I’m really loving these sexy tattoo tights! A peacock feather tattoo running up your leg over sheer tights. Very sexy!

And my absolute favorite! Twitter: follow me tights. Yes, seriously. So unusual and will start a million conversations (and you’ll know right away which guys are staring at your legs ;) )

So there you have it, a collection of wonderful tights and leggings. There are so many more out there; this is really just a sampler of some of my favorites. What other sites have you seen unusual leggings and tights on?

Cyber Monday!!

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dress up your macbook: a list of great decals!

I’m really deeply in love with my Macbook Pro, and ever since I bought it a month ago I’ve been playing with it and tweaking its look. ;) So I bought this really awesome decal online (a Snow White one) and am now eagerly awaiting its arrival!

I’ve also been adjusting the icons on my laptop with some awesome icon sets; apparently it’s simply a matter of cutting-and-pasting to replace folder icons. I’ve got this rather cool armchair with Apple pillow as my Macintosh HD icon. I’m still not too sure how to adjust dock icons manually, but I’ll hopefully figure it out soon. I also love that the size of the icons in Snow Leopard can be adjusted up to 512px! Seriously!! Though I do rather doubt I would ever go that extreme on the size; I keep it at 128×128.

Plus I’ve been downloading loads of freeware (like widgets / NeoOffice / VLC Player / Adium); do check out this site for a great listing of open source software - I do wonder how good the Photoshop alternative Gimp is? Might try it out soon. And of course, there is this old but still relevant post with an interesting list of cool things you can do on your Mac (that you might not know about). Do also visit this great site - it’s one of my favorites to download wallpapers.

Some interesting sites to check out up there (I might have gotten a bit carried away), but before I get even more technical/geeky, I’ll stop and get back to my point: the really awesome macbook decals I never knew were available out there. Check them out!

I <3 Apple Pie decal @ moviemagicman

Batman Gotham City Decal ($12.99) @ lildecalshoppe

Your own little Apple trash cleaner; Wall-E holding Apple decal ($12.99) @ lildecalshoppe

One of my favorite games as a child reinvented as a decal - the Whack an Apple decal ($12.99) @ lildecalshoppe

The wicked witch holding the archetypal poisonous Apple decal ($12.99) @ lildecalshoppe

Snow White’s Revenge decal ($12.99) @ lildecalshoppe (MINE! Can’t wait ’til it arrives <3)

Apple trash talk! Your PC Sucks decal ($5) @ moviemagicman (this one made me LOL)

Awesome tetris decal ($10) @ moviemagicman

The Wizard of Oz Decal ($10) @ thatstickerguy

Another version of the lovely Snow White decal ($15) @ coolandkawaii. This store also does personalizations from ANY IMAGE; really tempted to stick my own pic on my laptop ;)

Have your apple & eat it too with this great decal ($24) @ coolandkawaii

Penguins, a melting apple and global warming. Make a statement with this cool decal ($15) @ coolandkawaii

This isn’t strictly a Macbook decal, but it’s oh-so-cute, don’t you think? Love is Vinyl decal ($17.99) @ coolandkawaii

That’s it for my list. I’m sure there’s tons more out there as well that I’ve not mentioned, but these are some of my personal favorites, though I went with that Snow White one in the end! Did you know that President Obama also has a decal on his Macbook Pro? Yes, he really does — a Pacman one! You can buy it here and see his laptop here!

how to wear it: zip it up

It’s no longer simply a necessary garment fastening, but now a fashion accessory as well - the exposed zipper is a must-have style for this fall/winter. The trend’s been around since spring but the zippers are only getting more and more pronounced for the end of the year. What are you waiting for? Get ready to add this chic trend into your wardrobe!

It’s a hot trend for Fall/Winter 2009 and so easy to wear. If you live in the tropics, just throw on a stylish zipper detailed dress, pair with a cute charm necklace and you’re ready to go! Living in colder climes?  Pair your dress with a stylish black blazer and tights. The zipper trend adds a unique edge to an otherwise plain dress. It is so easy to wear and channels chic sophistication at low prices and minimum fuss.

Looking for something slightly more detailed? Try out this tulip cut printed mini dress. The zipper detail adds definition to this clean style. Try pairing with a short sleeved black jacket to add some solid color to break up the patterns. Wear gladiator style heels or peep toe wedges to complete your look. If you’re wearing tights, black boots are perfect for complementing the zip-front dress.

Don’t miss Beyonce’s fab zip ruffled skirt here. Absolutely amazing! I don’t think I could ever carry off this look personally but wow it sure looks hot on her! Plus two really great lists of some awesome zipper-detailed items here and here. (I do love visiting social fashion/shopping sites for unusual trend inspirations, don’t you?) Skinny zipper detailed jeans as seen here are another great take on this trend that I would love to add into my own closet.

If you’re not ready to channel this look with your clothing choices, why not look at some stylish zipper detailed accessories instead. Check out hot zipper detailed shoes here (though I wouldn’t recommend pairing zipper detailed shoes with these dresses; there is such a thing as over-zippering!) ;)   Also check out some other cool zipper accessories and tights here. Do remember to only wear one zipper detailed item at a time though, otherwise you will just overkill this uber-cool look! :D

how to wear it: jumpsuits, playsuits & rompers

When we first saw it, we thought it was a one-season wonder, but it has endured and morphed and taken on a fashion life of its one. What am I speaking of, but the now ubiquitous jumpsuit. This fashion trend was big for S/S 2009 and looks set to endure through S/S 2010. The jumpsuit has become a fashion mainstay and every girl should have at least one in her closet!

While a lot of you might feel the jumpsuit is not appropriate for your figure, there are now tons of varieties to choose from. This piece has had quite the fashion makeover from its origins in the 70s and 80s. All you need to do is figure out your look and you’ll be all set to wow.  Read on to find out how to wear this hot fashion trend.

To begin with, a bit of vocab, there are three basic varieties of these one-piece outfits: the jumpsuit (long), the romper (short) and the playsuit (casual short suits). These terms can and are used interchangeably.

Wearing a jumpsuit can be difficult to master, but with some useful tips you’ll be rocking this look in no time. First, choose a style that suits your figure. Go for the middle ground; avoid jumpsuits that are too baggy or too fitted (unless you are a size 0)! Look for tailored or body skimming styles that can be worn for many occasions. When you choose your first jumpsuit, pretend as if you are wearing a top and long pants and look for a style with a forgiving fabric. You’ll immediately realize what looks right on you.

Some general tips:

  • Night Time Wear: For evening wear, look for fabrics like silk or satin with detailing like sequins or paneling or even leather. See below for some evening-appropriate jumpsuits.
  • Accessorize: If you are wearing a basic block-colored jumpsuit, there are tons of options available for you. Pair with a cropped jacket in a contrasting color or bold jewelry or cinch in your waist with a wide belt. Think of your jumpsuit as a canvas which you will paint with the right accessories to showcase the look you desire.
  • Shorter Height: Full-length, wide-legged jumpsuits look best on long legs. If you are of less than average height, do wear high heels to lengthen your silhouette. V-neck or plunging necklines will also give the illusion of lengthening your body.
  • Replace Your LBD: Consider wearing a long black jumpsuit (LBJ) instead of a little black dress (LBD). (lol…I think I should patent that term — sheer brilliance on my part! ;) ) If need be you could also add a belt to help break up your look.
  • Patterns: Choose solid colored pieces with contrasting patterns if you so prefer. Don’t wear jumpsuits that are patterned head-to-toe.
  • Shoes: If you’re tall and you’re wearing a long jumpsuit, pair with flats to maintain attention on your jumpsuit. Shorter length jumpsuits look good with heels which will help to lengthen your legs.
  • Fabric: Fabrics like silk will hug your curves far more than denim or cotton. Think of your own body before deciding on the best fabric for you.
  • Make Wise Choices: The right jumpsuit for you mostly depends on your body shape. If you have a big bust, avoid bandeau styles and look for V-necked designs. Long jumpsuits look best on curvy bodies, while the romper style suits shorter women best. The jumpsuit style can sometimes be too masculine for slim and boyish figures, so you would need to accessorize well to make up for this.

Wear a black, satin halter jumpsuit for an evening out. This simple black one-piece channels relaxed glamour and is an uber-fashionable alternative to the evening dress. Curvy and pear shaped women can rock the halter jumpsuit to create a hot silhouette. This is an ideal LBJ for a night out! Contrast the heavy black with a bright red clutch for a modern and sophisticated touch.

A tailored jumpsuit is perfect for taking you from work to a night out with friends. Look for jumpsuits in solid colors with contrasting patterns that add sophistication to your look. Pair with matching black heels to elongate your legs in this leggy jumpsuit.

These playful rompers are perfect for summer. Rock this chic look if you have long legs and aren’t afraid of showing them off! Accessorize these block-colored jumpsuits with bright accessories to create a unique and stylish summer look.

Colorful sporty playsuits are a must have for summer. These sleeveless playsuits look great layered over a white shirt. Add some brightly colored retro accessories to channel a modern 70s style fashionista.

Still not convinced? Check out more info about this hot fashion trend here and here.

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geek style: super mario

I love Super Mario. And I love etsy.

Putting the two together and adding a mushroom falling out of a brick produces a wonderfully unique selection of gifts and accessories that appeal in a heartfelt way to my fashionable inner geek-ette. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Super Mario has always had a special place in my heart as my favorite video game as a child. I remember many happy days whiled away playing Mario with my sister (though she always forced me to play as Luigi. Ah…the angst of being the younger one :( ). Nowadays I’m more likely to be playing Mario Kart (yes, I’ll never grow up!) on the Wii, as Baby Peach on the Nanobike! Though I do always try to get in a game of the original Super Mario while traveling (some airlines have it available as part of their inflight entertainment). The mushroom kingdom maintains a special position in my heart ’til today ;) .

So, to continue my story, the other day my sister and I were surfing around on etsy. (I imagine all of you as seasoned online shoppers would already know of etsy already, but for those who don’t (horror!), etsy is a marketplace to buy and sell handmade items). And she came across these amazingly geeky Super Mario and Luigi mismatched earrings. After some inspired and happy surfing time, I found a gold mine of Super Mario accessories and gift items. I’m in love with them!

Check them out (and do visit the shops):

The aforementioned Mario and Luigi mismatched earrings. Only $6 @ honeypopjewellery.

A set of six coasters featuring Mario blocks. Only $15 @ Pixelbrush.

Uniquely customized Mario gamer sneakers — really one of a kind! Only $110 @ ParadoxArtistry.

Super-size your style with this Mario mushroom bracelet. Only $14 @ Livethislife777.

This unique necklace features a mushroom popping out of a brick. Only $25 @ Paxalon.

Would you rock these Mario clips? I so would! Only $7.99 @ PlasticParadox.

This unusual decal features Yoshi eating the Apple on your Macbook! Only $12.99 @ lildecalshoppe.

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself an early Christmas gift, or surprise your geeky friend with your thoughtfulness.

Btw, I also come across some other interesting Mario facts while writing this post. Did you know that the reason Mario wears his iconic hat is because the original creators of the game didn’t want to manage the difficulty of animating hair? Or that Mario was originally given the rather unimaginative name of Jumpman? Check out some of the wiki history here and here, as well as some interesting facts here. Oooh and apparently you can play Super Mario Online here. As for me, I think I’ll just stick to playing Mario Kart for now, and maybe get myself those awesome Mario clips ;) .

jimmy choos for h&m

Way back in July, I posted some news about how Jimmy Choos were to be sold at H&M. Well it looks like the news is finally to come true with sales for this exclusive collaboration set to begin November 14th in stores — too bad I don’t have an H&M around where I am or I would surely run down there to grab a pair ASAP. :(

The collection is slated to include stylish party shoes as well as matching clothes and accessories. Detailing includes crystals, studs and animal prints.  Said Tamara Mellon, Founder & President of Jimmy Choo: “The Jimmy Choo collection for H&M is full of fun, one-off items with an accessible and glamorous identity made with stylish materials, emphasised with colour and embellishment. I wanted to create pieces that would reach a cool and young customer with a fashionable and independent sense of spirit in this one-off collaboration.”

The Jimmy Choo collection for H&M will have high heels, gladiators, ballet flats, and even thigh-high boots (a hot trend for 2010 — do look out for a post coming soon with 2010 trends). Check out more collection pics here. Shoe lovers — please do contain your drooling. ;)

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in celebration of color

I love color. I find it to be an absolutely miraculous and wondrous thing to be able to behold the world in its many varied shades and hues. I appreciate every day that I get to do so. Sometimes I feel that life is like a live watercolor painting that is constantly changing and shifting, adding new hues and gradients, continuing in an onward march of moving beauty. A daily celebration and weaving together of many varied threads to create life and its wonders. But before the metaphors get out of hand and over-dramatized, I’ll stop with my waxing lyrical on the wonders of color.

Color is, naturally, an important component in our everyday lives, especially when we are deciding first thing in the morning what to wear that day. (Or like me, being overly prepared and deciding the night before!) The color you wear will project a certain image to the world and those you meet on that day. Your persona in facing your daily challenges. So will it be bright yellow for cheery optimism today? Or classic gray to create a sophisticated impression for that big meeting. Only you can decide what is most appropriate. This summer we’ve got tons of great colors to add to your wardrobe. Don’t miss out on this summer’s hottest colors!

This summer one of the hottest colors is that perennial favorite: fuschia. Need to look good while going about your daily business of saving the world? Hot pink is your answer. Pair it with contrasting classic black to create a bright and cheerful ensemble and maximize your pink potential. Too bright for you to wear so much of it? Start out small by going for a fuschia necklace or headband paired with a black outfit. Pink is the classic color to bring out your inner girliness and your fun side. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for some flirtation fun by pulling together a fuschia outfit now!

The summer’s trendiest color is yellow. Get together for some fun in the sun by pulling on an outfit in this bright and cheerful color. Vibrant, summery fun will abound in this cheery color! If you really want to make a statement go for the brightest lemon yellow shade, or for a quieter look try out a more mellow yellow style. Pair a mini-dress with black tights and accessories to look sunnily cheery for a casual day out with friends. Heading to the beach? A bright yellow halter looks perfect for some summery fun. This color looks great paired with denim cutoffs and jeans as well! Wear yellow for a happy day and project your happiness out to everyone you meet. This is the quintessential, delightful color for summer!

Another classic color for this summer is green: the color of renewal and new beginnings. Get this eco-chic color into your wardrobe now! Perhaps a stylish dress to wear for a cocktail party? Or else a casual blouse that will take you in perfect chic style from work to a dinner out with friends. Green projects feelings of hope, calm and anticipation. It is also a lovely color for a quiet day at work or play.

Royal blue is another hot favorite this summer. Looks great paired with grey or else go for a short shirtdress that will keep you looking hot while still feeling cool. Blue is a calming color. It is perfect for projecting an image of calm and sophistication at work or school.

I recently read in a magazine that purple is the new black. While the darker violet like shade of purple has been in for the wintery months, lavender is the purple to go for in the summer. It is royal and yet fun at the same time, sophisticated and still cheery. A wonderful color to wear to the beach in the summer. And also perfect for your day at the office. So pick out a lovely floral summer dress or cute suspender shorts. They will go a long way this summer!

Perhaps you are in search of a more understated look? Then the classic grey is a perfect addition to your wardrobe! Mix and match, layer over and under, to project your own unique look with this most versatile of colors. Create unusual accents with bright accessories and your own unique matching. Pick out a classic grey dress to wear to cocktail parties or for an outdoors summer date. Or else go for a neutral top that is appropriate for work and play. This contemporary color is absolutely lovely and always looks sophisticated and effortlessly chic!

Finally we have another classic: black and white. These two contrasting colors are wonderful for summer. Pairing bold black with pure white creates the ultimate statement — an unbelievably chic look to impress your fashion sense on those around you. Go for unusual styles in these colors — perhaps a black and white short jumpsuit, or a houndstooth printed mini-dress — bringing out your cute and girlish side with a classic color combination. Pair with bright accessories and bottoms to bring about the ultimately chic look!

So whatever your color style, there is something from this season’s collection for you to add to your summer wardrobe. Think about what kind of look you want to project and try to work these separates into your existing wardrobe. And, of course, do drop us an email if you have any style questions!


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bandung shopping expedition (part 2)

A continuation of our Bandung shopping trip from my previous entry.

Our next stop in Bandung was at Level Fashion House. This outlet is really big. When you enter you will first see one whole floor of menswear. The second floor is entirely womenswear. There is a huge selection to choose from. We were wandering around in this store for quite a long time. I picked up a pair of Old Navy pants @ RP 99000 (US$10), a red Esprit shirt @ RP 89000 (US$9) and also an unbranded purple tissue tee with these lovely diamante wings on the back! Great color and awesome design.

Next stop after this was at a so-so outlet called Raffles City, where most of the items appeared to be fakes and/or unbranded. The quality was not very amazing either. However, even here I was able to find a totally cute heather gray Tinkerbell tee with the words: “Spoilt Brat” emblazoned on the front. Adorable! The prices at this outlet are on the lower end as well.

Our fourth stop was at Rich & Famous (or Happening, not sure of the name) which is a famous old outlet that has been around for quite a while. I remembered this one from my previous visits. However, the quality and variety seems to have decreased in the years since my last visit. I did still manage to pick up an awesome pair of great-fitting basic Old Navy bootcut jeans at RP 99000 (US$10), which I am wearing today, and a striped shirt with a belt! On a side note, I’ve noticed from time to time in my visits to these outlets, that on each visit a new outlet seems to have the best variety as compared to others. Usually the ones that were the “best” on a previous visit will have fallen out of favor by my next visit.

The Secret

Our final stop before having to head back home was at The Secret. I think this one is my second favorite (from this trip) after Rumah Mode. It is a really massive outlet, that I believe is relatively new — the last time I visited there was a run-down old outlet here. Their selection is also quite unusual and well-priced. I picked up a lovely deep purple eyelet embroidered shirt as well as a formal work-type grey Esprit blazer. The blazer cost only RP 150000 (US$15). There was also this rather nice long maxi dress I tried on that I debated with buying but decided not to. Thinking back, maybe I should have — it was pretty nice. Behind The Secret, they have a nice outdoor sitting area and cafes with great decor. There is a cute little store called Chocolate Deli as well as a children’s playground area. Very nice place to hang out! Though Rumah Mode was definitely the superior hangout and shopping spot of the two.

The Secret

Another famous old outlet that I have visited before is called Heritage. They certainly have a huge selection of clothings from what I remember. But honestly it is really quite over-rated — the clothing is not that nice at all, and a lot of it seems to be fake (to my eye at least). Another great place to visit (more for ambience) is Cihampelas Walk on Jl. Cihampelas. The road this compound is located on is also known as Jeans Street (for obvious denim related reasons). Cihampelas Walk is an excellent place to visit for food as well as some boutique-shopping.

Factory outlets are kind of spread out all over the city but the highest concentration can be found on Jl. Riau, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda and Jl. Ll. Re. Martadinata. There is a long list of outlets you can check out over here. I believe there are actually far more than on this list, however, so don’t take it as the final say (e.g. The Secret is missing from this list altogether!) You can also check out more info about shopping in Bandung here and here.

My Personal Overall Outlet Ratings

  • Rumah Mode (Jl. Setiabudhi 41) 4.5 stars
  • The Secret (Jl LL RE Martadinata No. 47) 4.5 stars
  • Level Fashion House (Jl. Dago 138) 3.5 stars
  • Rich & Famous (Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 14) 3 stars
  • Heritage (Jl. Riau 63) 2.5 stars
  • Raffles City (Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 106) 2.5 stars

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