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color trends 2011: red, pink, purple, honeysuckle

Every year PANTONE announces a color-of-the-year which influences trends across a range of industries from interior design to fashion design. This year’s color is honeysuckle  — a gorgeous pinkish-red. PANTONE describes the color as “Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing ‘everyday’ about it.”

It is an uplifting color to invigorate our spirits when we need a boost the most and I absolutely adore it! It’s a gorgeous shade, something in between pink & red with so much potential in its coloring. Plus, this shade looks gorgeous on almost all skin-types. Just in time for the Lunar New Year & Valentine’s Day, here’s presenting some wonderful shades from pink to red to purple and all in between!


Red is a bold, strong color, a color of contrasts. It’s the color of love, passion, jealousy, violence and evokes strong conflicting emotions in us. Red is also POWER and can indeed have a physical effect on us by increasing our rate of respiration and blood pressure. In China, Red is the color of happiness and prosperity and draws good luck to the person wearing it. Indeed, in many countries, Red is the color worn by brides on their wedding day! This powerful color is above all, the wonderful visual of love. Check out this gorgeous selection of photos on Life in the Color Red.


Pink is a soft-hued color, a mixture of the bold Red + White. Pink is a color of happiness, and is often viewed as light-hearted and softly romantic. Bright, vibrant pinks are fun and youthful and have a similar sense of passion to Red, but with less of the aggressive overtones. Pink can stimulate energy and encourage confidence. There are a variety of shades of pink from vibrant fuchsia to lighter baby pink. This is a feel-good color, so wear with price and exude happiness all around!


Purple is born of the mixing of a warm color (red) and a cool color (blue). This places it at a crossroads of color and indeed this color exudes mysteriousness. Purple is associated with royalty, nobility and spirituality. Purple can boost imagination and creativity. Deep, bright purples suggest royalty and nobility, while lighter purples are more romantic and sensitive.