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some link love~

Hello! Apologies for the lack of updates. Things have been busy busy busy. :) And this is going to be a link based update — my ultimate lazy backup entry style.

First up So[phis]tiX has been reviewed at Street Inspiration — a lovely German based blog. I’m loving the photos of our items on the site! Looking really great.

Secondly, is it okay to steal from hotels? This article takes a closer look at some of the items that people have stolen and what’s okay to take and what isn’t. An interesting read.

Third, believe it or not — Jimmy Choos are to be sold at H&M! It looks like they would be priced around $50 or under — which is around a tenth of what they currently retail at. Wow. Now everyone can own a pair of Jimmy Choos, but will this just totally ruin the exclusivity of a high-end brand?

Fourth, a look at how the psychology of food has influenced us to eat. In The End of Overeating, Dr David Kessler examines how food-makers have been able to convince us to eat. It is a delicate balance of flavors and feelings that has been perfected over many years to create a self-fulfilling feedback loop. Seems like a fascinating book — I might just read it!

Fifth, an Alice in Wonderland movie by Tim Burton! Oooh looks really nice. Johnny Depp will be the Mad Hatter and he is just plain awesome. Can’t wait to watch this one — scheduled to release on March 5 2010.

Sixth, 500 absolutely useless facts. Did you know that 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321? No? Well, neither did I! But now I do, along with another whole host of useless info, not that I actually managed to read the whole list!

Seventh, the s’moreo! It’s a s’more reinvented with an oreo exterior. Absolutely unbelievable. Needs to be tried out ASAP.

That’s all for now! :)

saturday link-y love~

Your weekly round up of randomness around the web!

First up, we have So[phis]tiX reviewed @ wottoncool blog. Check out the entry here, and also the feature on Fash-Eccentric here.

Second, do check out the Atlas Obscura for random and unusual places to visit around the globe! Don’t miss places like The Cockroach Hall of Fame (in Plano, Texas), with live hissing cockroaches and cockroach celebrities like David Letteroach — seems a bit like Joe’s Apartment but more, well, real.

Third, photographer Dina Goldstein, imagines what it would be like if fairy tales were given a more real context in The Fallen Princesses series. A great series to reimagine that slightly unreal world of the fairy tale. A modern day twist on the Grimm Brothers’ original (not-so-happily-ever-after) tales.

Fourth, fancy a ride through shoes river? Check out this fascinating blog post at Life in Travel, entitled Traveling Through Shoes River. Be warned this post can (and probably will) cause major shoe lust to all young women of a certain age. :)

Fifth, rubber-like protection that every girl needs to keep with her at all times. Sure you know what I’m going to say next? Probably not. It’s the Shuella — an umbrella for your shoes. Protect your favorite shoes against the vagaries of weather. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, leave home without it!

Sixth, check out some great Japanese street fashion at FASHION JAPAN. I just love Japanese fashion and culture and food and the language too (I learnt it in high school!) Rather inspirational style-wise.

Finally, last but not least, check out Dear Grandpa, Here’s a Printout of My Facebook Updates, an article at

…companies like Sunnygram, Presto and Celery are turning e-mails into faxs, phone messages or stamped letters ā€” media senior citizens already understand ā€” so that users can keep in touch on their own terms….

Would you allow these services so much leeway into your private accounts to send Twitter & Facebook updates to your loved ones? Or photos of your latest vacation to be printed out on the fax machine at your grandma’s house? A novel idea, IĀ  must say. But somehow it just seems to make our lives all the more impersonal — removing any kind of human touch from our communications with our family. Though I suppose it is better then not keeping in touch at all!

That’s all for today. :)

link-y love~

A round-up of some interesting posts and ideas from around the web.

First up, we have So[phis]tiX reviewed @ Fashion Cupcake blog. Check out the entry here. By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, do take a look at Around The Blogosphere to see the many reviews of So[phis]tiX around the ‘net.

Second up, the current internet fad that seems to be on everyone’s lips and browsers: twitter! Do come follow So[phis]tiX on twitter to keep up to date on the latest happenings on the site (psst, you might even get a heads up on some secret sales!). And yes, come follow this blog with bloglovin’ as well!

Third, twitter yet again. Came across this interesting post today about what famous historical figures would’ve tweeted at here. My favorite? James Joyce’s. I can never forget having to read his A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in high school English. What a book!

James Joyce: 140 characters? A sentence of such fractured length would have barely begun to scratch at the surface of man’s vain, insignificant ā€”
James Joyce: Damn.

He would have been totally too verbose for twitter!

Fourth, a fascinating list of some of the world’s strangest theme parks. I absolutely completely totally have to visit that Harry Potter themed one! So unique and I’m a pretty huge HP fan.

Fifth, don’t miss this lovely Barbie foosball table. Now if only this had been available for sale when I was a child. I would’ve loved it. No, wait, I still love it now @ (almost) 24 (birthday next week btw!).. ;) I mean a pink foosball table? What’s not to love in that?

Sixth, who said food and fashion don’t mix? Check out Kate Perry’s totally awesome sushi outfit. Yummy!

Seventh, coffee filters as material for a prom dress? Talk about true caffeine love — mine is nothing by comparison. Human creativity knows no bounds; check it out at here.

Eighth, this topic is absolutely all over the web, but as a dedicated Apple fan, I must also mention it as it is the hot news of the day. One phone to rule them all - the new iphone! Hail, O Great One (I like this title). It has some awesome new features. Think it is time I finally bought myself one as I’ve been planning for ages; five years is far too long to be using the same phone (yes, seriously!). Had this convo with P about it the other day while out at the mall.

P: Oooh, pretty background. Want me to take a pic of you??
Moi: Sure! (runs to strike a pose within 5 seconds flat)
P: Umm, I don’t have my phone. Pass me yours? Or do you have your camera?
Moi: (pose drops, face falls) Never mind then.
P: WHAT? Your phone can’t take photos?!

Just for the record, my phone does have the capability to take photos. They are just really bad photos because it is an early camera-enabled model. Plus it has no bluetooth (only infra-red connection) so I have no way of getting the pics onto my bluetooth-only enabled laptop. What a dilemma!

And last, but not least, I came across this rather fascinating blog the other day. Love the style. Very inspiring.